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Why Artificial Flowers are preferred to Fresh Flowers?


Why are Artificial Flowers showing up everywhere?


Do Artificial Flowers require any extra care?


What are the costs of Artificial Flowers over Fresh Cemetery Flowers?


Why Artificial Flowers in a Cemetery are a Great Way to Celebrate Loved Ones?


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Faux (Artificial) Cemetery Flowers vs’ Fresh Cemetery  Flowers

If you ever visit a cemetery, the sight of fresh flowers withering amidst the cemetery monuments and gravestones can be upsetting. While it is a good practice to visit the cemetery and keep the memories of a loved one alive, it is also essential to find a cemetery faux or artificial flower store that will offer you beautiful artificial flowers that will last longer and give you value for money. With the help of artificial cemetery flowers, you can save time, money and stress. Replacing the cemetery flowers is easy with these artificial flowers which do keep for a longer period of time than fresh flowers to keep the memories of a loved one alive.

Why Artificial Flowers are preferred to fresh flowers?

Although fresh flowers can be a show of respect for the departed ones as well, their natural tendency to wither and die within 10 – 14 days can prove to be painful especially when returning to visit the cemetery. Furthermore, since they are not made from synthetic materials like most artificial flowers are, there is always a risk of infection from bacteria or fungi in the soil which could cause further harm. This is why it has become popular over the years to use artificial flowers instead of fresh ones when paying respects to loved ones at cemeteries. These flowers come in different colours, sizes and shapes which make them look very close to the fresh thing and can go a long way in giving comfort during this period of grieving. Artificial cemetery flowers are definitely that little bit different and do look prettier over the long term than regular flower arrangements!

The best part about artificial flowers is that they require less maintenance and are available at affordable prices, which is why they are preferred over fresh flowers.

Why are Artificial Flowers showing up everywhere?

Artificial flowers have existed since the 1800s when industrialists made flowers out of silk and now, they’re becoming an increasingly regular part of our life. The use of artificial flowers has become so common that we no longer notice them. We are used to the artificial flowers in our offices, homes, and even in cemeteries. Artificial flowers are so popular because they can be kept for a long period of time and they are very cost-effective over fresh flowers. We can see artificial flowers everywhere, from cemeteries to houses to offices. Artificial flowers are used for different purposes such as making arrangements for the house, devoting memories to a loved one in cemeteries and to decorate our workplaces and many others. People are so accustomed to the idea of artificial flowers that outweigh the purchase of fresh flowers! We have many styles, colours and sizes of artificial flowers on our online store at and these flowers are available to all our customers always. Rose, Orchid & Carnation Potted

Do Artificial Flowers require any extra care?

Artificial flowers are hand-made and they don’t require any extra care and are very easy to maintain. They can be placed in sunlight, under direct sunlight or in the dark. Artificial flowers can last for years and years, without losing their beauty. As time passes, you need not worry about the flowers in your cemetery plot withering away. If you need to change the flowers in your cemetery plot, all you have to do is purchase a new set of artificial flowers. The same cannot be said about fresh flowers. Fresh flowers require to be watered and cared for. If one of the flowers in your cemetery plot withers away, you need to replace it immediately. They have the same look as fresh flowers and last longer. They are available in different shapes and colours like roses, carnations, daisies, lilies and many more. Artificial flowers are made by using highly durable material like plastic and can be cleaned with a soft cloth. It is one of the best ways to decorate a loved one’s cemetery gravesite and also as a gift to your loved ones.

They are just perfect. They look amazing. They are made to last. They are the perfect gift for those who have lost a loved one. They have the perfect message. They are affordable and durable. They are just wonderful.

What are the costs of Artificial Flowers over Fresh Cemetery Flowers?

Silk Rose Faux Flower Single Short Stem Yellow

When people think of artificial flowers, they think of cheap, ugly, plastic-looking flowers that don’t stand up to the fresh thing. In the past, this was a fair comparison, but today, artificial flowers have evolved and are now considered equally as beautiful as fresh flowers, and in some cases, even more, beautiful as to the degree of the quality of these hand-made flowers.

There can be not much of a difference in costs between artificial cemetery flowers and fresh cemetery flowers as to the type of flower and the quantity purchased. As for fresh flowers, Artificial flowers are less likely to wither and die compared to fresh flowers, so they are better for those people who have been taking care of their loved one’s grave sites for years and for those who are busy, may not be able to visit their loved ones every week. They can rest easy knowing that the cemetery flowers are taken care of. However, there are still some people who prefer fresh cemetery flowers over artificial cemetery flowers, and they’re willing to pay more for them. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to go with fresh or artificial cemetery flowers.

Why Artificial Flowers in a Cemetery are a Great Way to Celebrate Loved Ones?

Floral tributes have been the traditional method of honouring loved ones for hundreds of years. Artificial flowers are a great way to celebrate the legacy of a loved one who has passed on. They’re a beautiful way to honour the memory of a lost loved one. Artificial flowers offer a variety of colours, sizes, and shapes that fresh flowers can’t always provide. A bouquet of artificial flowers can add a lasting memory of love and affection to anyone, even one that has passed away.

Local cemeteries are starting to offer assisted installation of artificial flowers to the families of loved ones who have passed away. It is a great idea for families who want to celebrate the life of a family member in a beautiful way, but don’t want to deal with the hassle and cost of maintaining a traditional flower arrangement.

With new technologies and materials entering the market, artificial flowers have moved away from the image they had at the start of the century. We are proud to work with artificial flowers that look and feel like fresh ones. We use high-quality materials to procure simulated Faux Flowers that look as fresh as fresh flowers.

Flowers are blooming all around us, they are pretty and fragrant. So why not have artificial flowers in a cemetery, as they can be just as wonderful as regular flowers. The cemetery is the one place on earth where we celebrate the memory of our loved ones rather than mourn their death. This way we’ll be able to make sure your loved ones get to enjoy the beauty of flowers for a long time to come!


With so much to consider when arranging a funeral service, one thing that most people don’t think about is the cemetery flowers over time. What kind of flowers are right for a funeral? Are fresh cemetery flowers better than artificial cemetery flowers? We hope that this blog has helped you understand why artificial cemetery flowers are a better choice in nearly every scenario. If you are interested in purchasing artificial cemetery flowers for a funeral or memorial service, we invite you to visit GiftsAfter.Life to see our full selection.

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Trending FAQ’s

This is a fresh interesting question. Artificial flowers started to be used in cemeteries since 1875. In that period, they were very expensive and only the very wealthy could afford them. As time progressed, they started to use faux flowers at funerals. Then, cheaper artificial flowers started to be used widely. Artificial flowers are freshly long-lasting, inexpensive, and don’t require a lot of care. Since those earlier days till now, the designers and the manufacturing process have improved the appearance of artificial flowers that there are now even simulated flowers that look so fresh that it’s impossible to tell the difference between artificial and fresh flowers. They also save a lot of money because you only purchase them less frequent than fresh flowers and they tend to last for years.

Artificial flowers have been used for centuries to decorate. Today, florists still use artificial flowers to decorate and beautify their floral arrangements. Artificial flowers are easy to maintain and last longer than natural and fresh flowers. With artificial flowers, you don’t need to worry about the vase and the water in which you keep the flowers drying up. The vase can dry up and you need not worry about it. With artificial flowers at a gravesite, there is no need to change the water in the vase again and again, since water is not required which makes for the main benefit of artificial flowers for cemeteries.

In the past, faux (artificial) flowers were made from wood, paper and/or silk. Today, they are more complex, built using cellulose film, rubber, resin with material still with silk and we prefer to use taffeta. The most common material for artificial flowers is cellulose, which is a biodegradable plant-based film. Cellulose is used in a range of products, including filters for diesel engines, the outer shells for roast chicken and the windscreen wipers of a car. It can be made from the pulp of trees and is very flexible. Another popular material of artificial flowers is rubber (the material used to make inflatable objects such as toys and swimming rings), which is used in about half of all artificial flowers. This material is biodegradable and can be made to a very high standard. Some artificial flowers are made from resin, which is a synthetic material. This gives them the freshest look and feels and they are heavier and often more durable than other varieties. They are also more brittle and can crack if they are exposed to heat.

The short answer is, yes. You may additionally, ask.

Is it disrespectful?

What are the alternatives?

Should they be avoided altogether?

In the olden days, artificial flowers were never used in cemeteries. People always seemed to prefer fresh flowers which wither away after some time. Today, in present times, however, the growing use of faux flowers or artificial flowers are now acceptable in cemeteries since they simulate fresh flowers that last longer than fresh cut flowers.

What is the reason behind the growing acceptance of artificial flowers at cemeteries? The main reason is the financial factor. Artificial, fake or Faux flowers are cost-effective as compared to Fresh flowers.

Artificial flowers are made from materials that have varying degrees of heat resistance. Some are more heat resistant than others. The most heat resistant artificial flowers can resist heat to approximately 90°C (Celsius or 194° degrees Fahrenheit) without damaging the flowers. The less heat resistant artificial flowers will start melting at approximately 40°C (Celsius or 104° degrees Fahrenheit) based on the softer polymers used for the flower soft-touch petals.

One thing that you always need to remember is that artificial flowers will melt, and there are certain things that you need to bear in mind to make sure that your artificial flowers maintain their beautiful look. The first thing is that they must not be kept under glass in direct sunlight for a long period of time. Secondly, in a home environment, you need to remember to keep them away from heaters and other heat sources. And lastly, you need to keep them away from any heating objects that could potentially melt, such as items made of soft polymer plastic with metal wire inserts. If the metal wire inserts potentially heat up would melt soft polymer plastics from inside out. Keeping these things in mind, there’s no reason why your artificial flowers would melt if used at cemeteries or at gravesites.

Artificial flowers are made from materials such as taffeta, satin, silk, plastic, glass, paper, cellophane, wood, steel, ceramic, wood, fabric, aluminium, fiberglass, Acrylic Polymer – Polypropylene – High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), etc. More advanced plastics are being used for making artificial plants or faux flowers. The technology used now such that the synthetic materials used in the production of artificial plants and faux flowers are no longer visible to the naked eye. These materials include nylon and acrylic. But these artificial flowers look more natural now than they used to look years ago. At GiftsAfter.Life we tend to keep to more traditional methods and use fabric, i.e., Satin, Taffeta, and Silk for the petals and leaves which are more environmentally friendly.

As indicated in the above question, artificial flowers are made from high-quality material (as described above) which can simulate the original fresh flower. The flower materials are hand made to simulate or mimic the petals of the flowers and the stems are used to hold the flowers original floral structures. They look beautiful and may feel like the real thing. More and more people prefer artificial flowers for their homes, hotels, receptions, weddings, parties, restaurants, cemetery plots, cemetery lawns, gravesites, and other public spaces. These artificial flowers are available in different colours, sizes, designs, in all flora styles, shapes, and sizes.

Artificial or faux flower materials are made under high temperatures and pressure. These flowers are then put through the fusing process to make them look or simulate real flowers. Present-day flowers are made to last longer. Since these flowers are made of manmade materials, in the prolonged sun, rain, and winds, flowers will fade and deteriorate with the passage of time.

Therefore, the artificial flower will last longer than fresh flowers however in a cemetery environment and depending on the flower material components may last for 6 to 24 months.

Tacky would depend on how you use the word. You can use fake, faux or artificial flowers to decorate a home or an office space that doesn’t have a lot of natural light. If you remove the fake, faux or artificial flowers, the room can be or will be tacky. It all depends on the design, the look, and the situation you’re wishing to achieve.

So No, it’s really not tacky to buy fake, faux or artificial flowers. The use of fake, faux, or artificial flowers dates back thousands of years when Roman Emperor Nero placed the first recorded order for artificial flowers. The fake flowers industry really took off in the 19th century, after the invention of plastics. In fact, some of the most popular flowers shown in architectural media today are fake design simulation real flowers. Tulips, for example, are frequently grown from fake bulbs since they are incredibly easy to grow. And nearly ninety percent of all roses sold worldwide are actually fake since they last so long. But we tend to say, fake, faux or artificial flowers would be tacky if you just use the wrong colours, style or flora type to decorate an empty room, space or corner somewhere that has no design flow, glamour, beauty, allure or coherence.

The best way to keep fake, faux or artificial flowers looking fresh is to change them often. There’s nothing worse than a flower arrangement that looks like it was purchased last week and forgotten on a cemetery site for months. If you can’t change them every few months, at the very least try to change them every 6 months. Keeping white fake, faux or artificial flowers in the sunshine will help keep their colours bright. If you have coloured fake, faux, or artificial flowers with some fading, a good trick is to spray the flowers with hairspray, especially the petals. Do not spray any of the leaves, only the petals. This will make the petals look like they’re wet with dew, which is a lot more realistic.

If you live in a hot climate, and have an arrangement with a lot of coloured flowers, try minimising the brighter colours with light pastel colours to minimise sun bleaching since lighter colours reflect light as darker colours absorb light, and with wind and rain colour pigments wash out of fabric petals and leaves more often than lighter fabric-coloured flowers.

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