GiftsAfter.Life 24 Rose Buds In Red, Orange & Yellow with Eucalyptus Mixed Faux Flower Bouquet. Hero.

Words May Fail,

but the eloquence of Roses always speak volumes.

Leave a lasting impression. 

More Designs. More Savings.

GiftsAfter.Life Artificial Flowers

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Save Time.

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Potted Faux Arrangements

When you give a gift from GiftsAfter.Life, you can be sure that your luxury arrangement is one of a kind. We take pride in our exclusive potted arrangements, and we know that your loved one would be thrilled to receive such a beautiful and unique gift.

These arrangements are available in 2 sizes.

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Infuse Vibrant Splashes of Colour and Embrace Exotic Charm with these Exquisite Captivating Faux Flower Arrangements.

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Honour A Loved One’s Life With Faux Flowers


For Your Loved Ones, Create…

  • Celebration
  • Remembrance
  • Season Colour Tone
  • Show Your Love With Colour
  • Your Loved Ones Colour Personality


Customise Style

  • Style For Your Loved One
  • Stand Out From The Crowd
  • Create Your Own Bouquet Styles
  • DIY, Mix & Match For Your Friends


Why Order Online

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