Rose, Cymbidium Orchid and Dahlia Potted Faux Flowers

$20.10 inc. GST

  • 5 handcrafted Silk Ivory White Rose flowers diameter Ø 6 to 7 cm.
  • 6 large handcrafted Silk Lemon Chiffon Cymbidium Orchid flowers with a splatter of Pink tips. Flower Diameter Ø 11 to 12 cm.
  • 4 handcrafted Floral White Dahlia flowers diameter Ø 10 to 12 cm.
  • 8 small Floral White fabric flowers diameter Ø 1 cm and foliage.
  • Pot Height 7 cm by pot width 14 cm with a base width of 9.7 cm
  • Ideal as a Gift Delivery.
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Handcrafted to Preserve Faux Craft Traditions.

Flowers are Handcrafted to simulate and look as life like as the desired flowers on display. Flower Stems and Branches are bendable to assist with your own styling decor.

No Watering Required! 


Rose, Cymbidium Orchid and Dahlia Potted Faux Flowers

GiftsAfter.Life Faux Chrysanthemum, Dhalia and Saxifrage Potted Flower arrangement
GiftsAfter.Life Faux Chrysanthemum, Dhalia and Saxifrage Potted Flower arrangement

Rose, Cymbidium Orchid and Dahlia Potted Faux Flowers arrangement.

This potted faux flower arrangement incorporates Ivory White Roses, Lemon Chiffon coloured Cymbidiums with touches of Pink and Floral White Dahlias caressed in an arrangement among Floral White fabric flowers and greens leaves, making this potted arrangement a simplistic elegant communique.


Create a lovely memorable display with this exquisite silk faux flower potted arrangement. This range of flowers and leaves is delicately handcrafted with a combination of fabric materials to bring out the beauty of the flowers. The 6 Lemon-Chiffon coloured Cymbidium Orchids are artfully arranged and stand out with blushed pink tips to make the arrangement shine on its own. The 5 flowering roses are made of Ivory White silk and seem to make it more lovely and 4 handcrafted floral white dahlia flowers are all adorned with 8 small floral white fabric flowers and foliage. The flowers are stunning and peacefully.

They make a very thoughtful gift for that upcoming special occasion!


Each flower has its own symbolic representation.

  • Mostly grown in Asia and found in Australia the Cymbidium Orchid is a delicate flower ideally used in bouquets to bring elegance to traditional memorials arrangements to narrate one’s faith or humility for a loved one.
  • Similarly, White Roses are to imply one’s loss of silence or innocence, as well as a colour for purity.
  • The White Dhalia in Flowers and blooms is an important symbolic colour in the majority of religions and cultures, because of its association with dignity, elegance, strength and white for purity.
  • Read more on Flower Colour Meaning and Symbolisation Guide.


Each flower in this potted arrangement is handmade of fabric, the branch/stems are made of injected plastic the main stem is inserted with metal wire to provide design application flexibility to maintain your ideal flower arrangement design placement.


Each luxurious potted arrangement has a small amount of composite added to the pot to increase weight and prevent movement in windy conditions.


For the Do-It-Yourselfers,

These potted flower arrangements can be placed as is or can be placed into another pot or can be wrapped with gift wrapping to gift to a loved one. These potted arrangements can be customised to suit and fit perfectly for your cemetery arrangement styling or any other design you may have in mind.


Product Pack sold as: 1pc, 5 White rose flowers 6 Cymbidium flowers with Pink tips, 4 White Dahlia, 8 White fabric flowers and foliage, Faux Flowers in a potted composite. (Sold separately, Accessories not included).

Additional information
Weight 0.990 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 27 cm

Handcrafted Faux (Artificial) Silk Flowers

Flower Style

Potted Faux (Artificial) Flower Bouquet


To Honour, Remembrance Day, Wedding Anniversary, Naming day, Easter, Christmas, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Service, Funeral Service, Cremation Service, ANZAC Day, Condolence Flowers, Sympathy Flowers, Just Because flowers,


Silk or fabric material, plastic and steel wire. Pot contains cement composite.

Flower Length

Height: 25cm x Width: >30cm

Number of flowers

7 Large Fuchsia Chrysanthemum, 3 White Waterlily Dhalia, 12 White Saxifrage & 4 Fern leaves Faux Flowers in a potted composite. (Sold separately, Accessories not included).



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Product Composition & Shipping

Product Composition:

Flowers and Bouquets comprise of silk fabric or soft cloth. Branch/Stems are injection plastic with a steel wire insert to enable rigidity to the plastic. The Flower petals and flowers are handmade and manually assembled therefore the size and colours will vary from flower to flower even if the same-coloured bouquet is purchased in several of the same product colours. For Product Sizing the measurements provided above are indicative and will vary since these flowers are all handmade and colours of petals are manually processed so not all are identically the same as natural flowers are not all identical.

Shipping Note:

To reduce the cost of shipping, Due to the length of some flowers the flower stems will be bent to fit into the shipping parcel or box. Once you receive these flowers you can reshape the bent stems to their original straight position or can be cut (cut with wire cutters) to desired lengths for the intended floral décor design.

If the flowers are distorted or squeezed during shipping, steam the flowers back to shape (i.e., by boiling water) and dry with a blow-dryer at a warm low speed. Flowers and branches can be reshaped with hand manipulation to your desired décor shape. Because these flowers are handmade, during air-shipping the flowers may fall away from the branch or stem. Simply re-attach any flower or leaf back onto the stem. If you have a hot glue gun handy you can secure the flower or leaf back on with hot glue for added security for when they are placed at the cemetery the flowers or leaves don’t get blown away in blustery windy conditions.

Shipping Transit Times:

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