Peony, Chrysanthemum and Daisy Faux Flower Bouquet

Introducing our Peony, Chrysanthemum & Daisy Faux Flower Bouquet.

The perfect way to add a touch of natural beauty to any space without the hassle of maintenance.

This bouquet features a mix of vibrant and delicate faux flowers, including;

  • 5 Red Peonies,
  • 6 Peach Chrysanthemums, and
  • 6 White Daisies.
  • Three stems are adorned with white berries and a fern leaf for added charm.
  • With 14 branches and approximately 2 sets of 3 leaves per stem, this bouquet is full and lush, measuring approximately 49 cm in height. Simply display it in your favorite vase for a stunning floral arrangement that will never wilt.

$19.95 inc. GST

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Handcrafted to Preserve Faux Craft Traditions.

Flowers are Handcrafted to simulate and look as life like as the desired flowers on display. Flower Stems and Branches are bendable to assist with your own styling decor.

No Watering Required! 


Peony, Chrysanthemum & Daisy Faux Flower Bouquet.

GiftsAfter.Life Peony, Chrysanthemum & Daisy Faux Flower Bouquet second image.
GiftsAfter.Life Peony, Chrysanthemum & Daisy Faux Flower Bouquet.

Welcome to our luxurious Peony, Chrysanthemum and Daisy Faux Flower Bouquet.

This elegant bouquet boasts a stunning assortment of 14 expertly crafted faux flowers, perfectly arranged to capture the beauty and splendour of nature.

At the heart of this bouquet are 5 stunning Red Peonies, their bold and vibrant petals captured in all their glory. Surrounding these gorgeous blooms are 6 delicate Peach Chrysanthemums, their subtle hues adding a touch of warmth and elegance to the arrangement. Completing the bouquet are 6 delicate White Daisies, adding a touch of whimsy and playfulness to the overall design.

But the beauty of this bouquet doesn’t stop there. 3 of the stems are adorned with small white berries and a fern leaf, adding an extra touch of charm and allure. With 14 branches and stems in total, each one featuring approximately 2 sets of 3 leaves, this bouquet is truly a work of art.


So why wait? Add a touch of luxury to your home with our Peony, Chrysanthemum & Daisy Faux Flower Bouquet today. It’s the perfect way to bring a little bit of nature’s beauty into your arrangements, without the hassle of upkeep.

Order now and experience the beauty of nature all year round.


Product Pack sold as: 1pc,

  • 14 Stem Faux Flower Bouquet.
  • 5 Red Peonies,
  • 6 Peach Chrysanthemums,
  • 6 White Daisies.
  • 3 stems are adorned with small white berries and a fern leaf for added charm.
  • 14 branch/stem bouquets with (Approx) 2 sets of 3 leaves per stem.
  • Each Bouquet is approximately 49 cm in height.


For the Do-It-Yourselfers,

This Faux Flower bouquet can be cut, bend or prune to create your desired floral design or arrangements decor that suits and fits perfectly for your cemetery arrangement styling or any other design you may have in mind.

Additional information
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 61 × 18 × 18 cm
Brand Name:




Product Number:



Handcrafted Faux (Artificial) Flowers

Flower Style:

Flower Bouquet


To Honour, Remembrance Day, Wedding Anniversary, Naming day, Easter, Christmas, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Service, Funeral Service, Cremation Service, ANZAC Day, Condolence Flowers, Sympathy Flowers, Just Because flowers, You will never forget.


Silk and/or fabric material, plastic and steel wire.

Bouquet Height:

49 cm

Bouquet Width:

32 cm


1 pcs

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Product Composition & Shipping

Product Composition:

Flowers and Bouquets comprise of silk fabric or soft cloth. Branch/Stems are injection plastic with a steel wire insert to enable rigidity to the plastic. The Flower petals and flowers are handmade and manually assembled therefore the size and colours will vary from flower to flower even if the same-coloured bouquet is purchased in several of the same product colours. For Product Sizing the measurements provided above are indicative and will vary since these flowers are all handmade and colours of petals are manually processed so not all are identically the same as natural flowers are not all identical.

Shipping Note:

If the Faux Flowers are distorted or squeezed during shipping, use a blow-dryer on low heat, low speed to remove any creases in the petals or leaves. The heat from the blow-dryer will help to reshape the flowers if not semetrical. Flowers and branches can be reshaped with hand manipulation to your desired décor shape. Because these flowers are handmade, during air-shipping the flowers may fall away from the branch or stem. Simply re-attach any flower or leaf back onto the stem. If you have a hot glue gun handy you can secure the flower or leaf back on with hot glue for added security for when they are placed at the cemetery the flowers or leaves don’t get blown away in blustery windy conditions.

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