Gypsophila Baby’s-Breath Faux Long Stem Flower Bouquet In 7 Colours

  • Single stem Baby’s-Breath with 5 branches of 17 clusters with small fabric Faux Flowers per cluster.
  • Baby’s-Breath height approx. 51cm.
  • These Baby’s-Breath are handmade of silk fabric approx. 1 to 2cm in diameter and the branch/stems at 30cm are made of injected plastic the main stem inserted with metal wire to provide design application flexibility to maintain your ideal flower arrangement design placement.
  • These baby’s-Breath Gypsophila bouquet designs are available in 7 colour variants of, White, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Red, Blue and Purple.
  • Baby’s-Breath can be displayed as a mixed colour bouquet or mixed in with other flowers to give height and depth to your gravesite arrangement.

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Gypsophila Baby’s-Breath Faux Long Stem Flower Bouquet In 7 Colours


Gypsophila Artificial Flowers White Branch High Quality Babies Breath Fake Flowers Long Bouquet Home Wedding Decoration Autumn


These Gypsophila Baby’s-Breath Faux Long Stem 51cm Flower Bouquet designs are available in 7 colour variants.

Colours available are Orange, Blue, Yellow, Pink, White, Purple and Red.

Gypsophila Baby’s-Breath considered the flower of Happiness and Loving. The Baby’s-Breath main common colour being White symbolises Innocence Humility, Purity, and can be used as sympathy for bereavement, grief and loss. The Baby’s Breath White bouquets often used in infant’s or babies funeral flowers to soften the floral arrangements.

Baby’s-Breath is large and bright most sought after the unique characteristics used to fill-in with other flowers to create width, height and depth in bouquet arrangement.


The Gypsophila species name is from the Greek word Gypsos (“gypsum”) and Philios meaning “loving”, a reference to the gypsum rich substrates on which some species grow. These Plants of the species are known commonly as Baby’s-Breath, or Babies Breath, a name which also refers specifically to the well-known ornamental species Gypsophila paniculata.

For the Do-It-Yourselfers,

These Baby’s-Breath Bouquet can be cut, bend or prune to create your desired floral design or arrangements decor that suits and fits perfectly for your cemetery arrangement styling or any other design you may have in mind.

Product Pack sold as: 1pc, 1 single bouquet. (Flowers sold separately, Accessories not included)

Additional information

Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Random Color, Red, White, Yellow


Hand Made Faux (Artificial) Flowers

Can Be Customised



Faux Gypsophila (Artificial Babies Breath) Flower Blossom


Flower Gypsophila Blossom

Flower Style

Flower Bouquet


Silk fabric, plastic and steel wire.


Pink, White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue & Purple

Height & Width

51cm Height & 19cm in Width


1pc or 2pc order


Remembrance Day, Wedding Anniversary, Naming day, Easter, Christmas, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Service, Funeral Service, Cremation Service, ANZAC Day and Just Because…


Christmas day, Valentine's Day, New Year, Birthday's, Gifts

Reviews (18)

18 reviews for Gypsophila Baby’s-Breath Faux Long Stem Flower Bouquet In 7 Colours

  1. A***a

    Soft branch, do not give the desired shape. And in general, cute

  2. A***v

    Fast shipment of the order by the store-within 24 hours. Fast shipping AliExpress Standart shipping 13 days to Novosibirsk. Flowers are very good quality. Plastic without smell. Flowers do not crumble. Ordered 5 branches. Not enough. Probably we’ll still order. We recommend the seller and flowers to buy.

  3. J***r

    It’s absolutely stunning I will definitely buy more to spread all over the house. So beautiful. And took about a month to get here. Also I got two bunches in the pics im showing its only one bunch.

  4. P***e

    Stunning deep red, mini flower, very satisfied with it

  5. S***u

    Very nice sending and fast receipt I recommend this store

  6. P***a

    This one looks just amazing and so cute. The color is vibrant. A bit small compared to the pictures the store shows

  7. P***x

    I have 2 branches ordered & also neat received. It is arrived as brievenbuspakje. The leaves are very beautiful & smaller to make to the desired size. She stands very nice in my closet!

  8. J***z

    Ordered 10/15, arrived 11/5, amazing store and shipping time. Perfect for add on to a DIY arrangement. Will definitely order more.

  9. O***a

    I am very enjoying how this flowers is looking. Besides, if you feel that there are too many leaves on a branch, you can easily remove them and leave as many as needed. Recommend.

  10. T***o

    They’re beautiful and I look at her. I like them better. They bring it to Me super fast or 10 days later.

  11. M***d

    They are fun, smaller than I expected but that lies perhaps to me. Nice for between other flowers

  12. L***s

    Beautiful, looks up close called fake out but from farther away well. I bought 3. Beautiful small bundle

  13. Customer

    Beautiful! Fast shipping. Stalk is made of plastic and flowers it is not natural.

  14. S***h

    From Netherlands ordered was there after 12 days though! Top!

  15. N***e

    They look beautiful even nicer then the photos they are a bit smaller than I expected but in fairness I didn’t check that before buying. I thought some of the flowers might come off during shipping but they haven’t so I’m really happy about that.

  16. R***r

    Thank you. Gentle beautiful twig. It was two months. I did not communicate with the store.

  17. M***a

    They are beautiful arrived well thank you

  18. A***d


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Product Composition & Shipping

Product Composition:

Flowers and Bouquets comprise of silk fabric or soft cloth. Branch/Stems are injection plastic with a steel wire insert to enable rigidity to the plastic. The Flower petals and flowers are handmade and manually assembled therefore the size and colours will vary from flower to flower even if the same-coloured bouquet is purchased in several of the same product colours. For Product Sizing the measurements provided above are indicative and will vary since these flowers are all handmade and colours of petals are manually processed so not all are identically the same as natural flowers are not all identical.

Shipping Note:

To reduce the cost of shipping, Due to the length of some Faux Flowers the flower stems will be bent to fit into the shipping parcel or box. Once you receive these flowers you can reshape the bent stems to their original straight position or can be cut (cut with wire cutters) to desired lengths for the intended floral décor design.

If the Faux Flowers are distorted or squeezed during shipping, use a blow-dryer on low heat, low speed to remove any creases in the petals and/or leaves. The heat from the blow-dryer will help to reshape the flowers if not symmetrically round. Flowers and branches can be reshaped with hand manipulation to the desired décor shape. Because these flowers are handmade, during shipping the leaves may fall away from the branch or stem. Simply re-attach any flower or leaf back onto the stem. If you have a hot glue gun handy you can secure the flower or leaf back on with hot glue for added security for when they are placed at the cemetery the flowers or leaves don’t get blown away in blustery windy conditions.

Shipping Transit Times:

When you're ready to checkout, your delivery location will be used to determine the shipping and delivery times for each courier service. This way, you'll know exactly when to expect your purchase.

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