Azalea Branch With White Flowers Green Leaves 70cm Height

  • Faux Azalea Branch with 3 size Azalea Flowers and 5 leaves per branch.
  • Azalea Branch height Ø 70cm.
  • These Faux Azalea Branch designs are only available with White flowers.
  • The Azaleas are handmade of silk fabric and the branch/stems are made of injected plastic the main stem inserted with metal wire to provide design application flexibility to maintain your ideal flower arrangement design placement.

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Azalea Branch With White Flowers Green Leaves 70cm Height

NEW white Azaleas branch with green leaves and easy-to shape foam sticks Artificial tree branches for home wedding decorations

Azalea Branch Design & Colours.

The main colours available for the Azalea Branch is with White flowers 3 per branch with 5 green leaves.


Azaleas make up two subgenera of the Rhododendron Species. They are distinguished from “true” rhododendrons by having only five anthers per flower.


Rhododendron /ˌroʊdəˈdɛndrən/ (from Ancient Greek ῥόδον rhódon “rose” and δένδρον dendron “tree”) is a genus of 1,024 species of woody plants in the family od (Ericaceae), either evergreen or deciduous, and found mainly in parts of North and South America and parts of Asia.  The Azalea is the National Flower of Nepal.


Azaleas most popular colours are the Pinks, Red’s and Whites


Product Pack sold as: 1 Piece (Flowers sold separately, Accessories not included)

Additional information



Hand Made Faux (Artificial) Flowers

Can Be Customised



Flower Azalea

Flower Style

Faux (Artificial) Flower Branch


Remembrance Day, Wedding Anniversary, Naming day, Easter, Christmas, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Service, Funeral Service, Cremation Service, ANZAC Day and Just Because…


Silk fabric, foam plastic and steel wire


Faux (Artificial) Flowers & Wreaths, Azaleas

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Product Composition & Shipping

Product Composition:

Flowers and Bouquets comprise of silk fabric or soft cloth. Branch/Stems are injection plastic with a steel wire insert to enable rigidity to the plastic. The Flower petals and flowers are handmade and manually assembled therefore the size and colours will vary from flower to flower even if the same-coloured bouquet is purchased in several of the same product colours. For Product Sizing the measurements provided above are indicative and will vary since these flowers are all handmade and colours of petals are manually processed so not all are identically the same as natural flowers are not all identical.

Shipping Note:

To reduce the cost of shipping, Due to the length of some Faux Flowers the flower stems will be bent to fit into the shipping parcel or box. Once you receive these flowers you can reshape the bent stems to their original straight position or can be cut (cut with wire cutters) to desired lengths for the intended floral décor design.

If the Faux Flowers are distorted or squeezed during shipping, use a blow-dryer on low heat, low speed to remove any creases in the petals and/or leaves. The heat from the blow-dryer will help to reshape the flowers if not symmetrically round. Flowers and branches can be reshaped with hand manipulation to the desired décor shape. Because these flowers are handmade, during shipping the leaves may fall away from the branch or stem. Simply re-attach any flower or leaf back onto the stem. If you have a hot glue gun handy you can secure the flower or leaf back on with hot glue for added security for when they are placed at the cemetery the flowers or leaves don’t get blown away in blustery windy conditions.

Shipping Transit Times:

When you're ready to checkout, your delivery location will be used to determine the shipping and delivery times for each courier service. This way, you'll know exactly when to expect your purchase.

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