43cm Faux Olive Single Stem With 2 Branches Leaves And Olive Fruit

  • 1 Single stem with 2 branches Olive Tree Branch with fabric leaves and Olive fruit.
  • These Olive branches are handmade of fabric leaves and the branch/stems are made of injected plastic the main stem insert with metal wire to provide design application flexibility to maintain your ideal flower arrangement design placement.
  • Each Olive branch is approximately 43cm’s in length + branch width approx. 20cm.
  • These Olive Branche leaves are variations of green with olives colour ranging from dark yellowish-green to dark browns with depths of purple.

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43cm Faux Olive Single Stem With 2 Branches Leaves And Olive Fruit


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This Faux Olive Tree Stem plus Leaves with Olive Fruit

These single stem Olive Branches leaves are variations of colour greens with the olives colour ranging from dark yellowish-green to dark browns with depths of purple.


The olive branch as we know it is a symbol of peace or victory deriving from the customs of ancient Greece, particularly regarding supplication to both the gods and persons in power and is found in most cultures of the Mediterranean region.

In this modern age, the Olive Branch symbolises Peace, Peaceful Living and to Be At Peace.


Extract’s from Wikipedia.

In Greek tradition, a hiketeria (ἱκετηρία) was an olive branch held by supplicants to show their status as such when approaching persons of power or in temples when supplicating the gods.

In Greek mythology, Athena competed with Poseidon for possession of Athens. Poseidon claimed possession by thrusting his trident into the Acropolis, where a well of sea-water gushed out. Athena took possession by planting the first olive tree beside the well. The court of gods and goddesses ruled that Athena had the better right to the land because she had given it the better gift.

Olive wreaths were worn by brides and awarded to Olympic victors.


For the Do-It-Yourselfers,

This Olive branch can be cut, bend or prune to create your desired olive wreath design or arrangements decor that suits and fits perfectly for your cemetery arrangement styling or any other design you may have in mind.


Product Pack sold as: 1pc, 1 main stem with 2 branches plus olive fruit with an approximate length of 43cm. (Please note, No Vase is included)

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Silk fabric, plastic and steel

Plant Style

Faux Olive Branch


Variations of the colour Green


43cm in height

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3 reviews for 43cm Faux Olive Single Stem With 2 Branches Leaves And Olive Fruit

  1. N***a

    The order is satisfied. Sent was quickly, received earlier than stated when buying. To Moscow less than a month. Packed well corresponds to the description. It looks very beautiful. After packing, the leaves sit tightly to the stems, everything is solved by lowering the branches into boiling water, or just holding them over the ferry. The leaves and olives themselves are removed, so they can be placed as you like. I would very much like more olives themselves on a branch and buy them separately-who needs how much.

  2. I***o

    Bought for cake decoration. Very good twigs, olives on them are beautiful. I recommend to buy!)

  3. S***n

    Really pretty

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